• Hart. Härter. Höllencamp - "Wer hält durch?"  


    war am 13.09.2018 um 20:15h der erfolgreichste Neustart einer Eigenproduktion auf ProSiebenMAXX.



  • "Die Springer"


    Unsere neue Bundeswehr Web-Soap "Die Springer" startet ab dem 23.07.2018 auf dem YouTube Channel Bundeswehr Exclusive.  

  • Drehstart "Zersetzt"


    Gerade haben die Dreharbeiten in Berlin für den großen SAT.1 Themenabend begonnen. Die Verfilmung des True Crime Bestsellers "Zersetzt" unseres Joint Venture Parnters Prof. Tsokos übernimmt für uns Ivo Beck (Bavaria/ Ninety Minute Film). Die Doku zum wahren Fall wird von unserem Executive Producer Ralph Becker umgesetzt.

  • Die neue Sixt Arbeitgeber-Kampagne


    Jetzt online: die neue Sixt Arbeitergeber - Kampagne mit unseren Web Clips unter


spin tv - special interest GmbH

spin tv is an independent producer of service orientated formats for German tv stations. The core business of the company contains the development and production of special interest formats of completely different genres. That are reportages, documentation, docu soaps, magazines and service orientated game-and talkshows. The concept is completed by industrial and presentational films as well as the consultation of diverse economic companies with regard to media co­operation and media presence.

spin tv based in Cologne is producer of several broadcasts for international tv stations, e.g. RTL, RTL II, Discovery Network, CCTV, VOX, Kabel1, Pro Sieben and tv.gusto.

Beneath the office in the center of Cologne spin tv provides a production office with studio facilities in Monheim (near Duesseldorf).

Furthermore spin tv founded two joint venture companies, one in China (c-spin tv, Beijing) and the second in Namibia (Harnasmedia, Windhoek.

Harnasmedia and c-spin tv were conceived as media production companies for all audio-visual formats and cover the areas of concept, creation and production up to marketing and licensing.

Spin tv was founded in 2000 by Mr. Thomas Luzar and Mr. Reinhold Geneikis and employs more than 40 permanent employees and over 60 freelancers in Germany, China and Namibia. Before that both founders were responsible for the sectors program development, creation and national and international co production for the German tv station VOX which is a member of the RTL Group.



format list

Family Stories


There are events that make the life of a family falling apart. These life changes are the focus of the RTL 2 format “Family Stories”. It shows families and their stories and tells how parents, children and friends deal with unexpected situations and come to a happy end.


Die Wahrheit über meinen Ex



1 pilot of 60 min net

Broadcast for RTL II – Prime Time

Every day millions of women and men ask themselves one question:


WOULD I notice it, if my partner had other women/men beside me? Or could it also happen to me, that my husband/wife has a second life beside ours leads – and I know nothing about i?!


These men and women are the audience for the „The truth about my ex!“. These are stories about betrayal, about deception, around the secret lover, the child of another woman, brothel visits, play addiction, bank robbery, the inheritance, the jail stay...

Cheated women tell us how they were deceived, what they felt, how they suffered, but also how they took revenge or how they get over the whole story.

They tell us their personal story: From the first date, the wonderful wedding, the first doubts, the exposure and the results.

In “The truth about my ex!“ we have the chance to take part of the women story and in the confidential double life of her (ex) men! It is about ice-cold deception, secrecy, scandals, crimes and deeply injured feelings.

The women do not dissolve in tears during them report, they are concerned and sadly, about that what has happened to them.

In the end they take revenge by the telling their story. The eyes of the viewers, the victims become sometimes humid – however, the spectator stays behind not affected, they are rather surprised and fascinated about the boldness and the inventiveness of some men.



RTL2 Exklusiv - Die Reportage



Already since 2010 spin produces reports for the popular TV series "RTL2 Exclusive - The report". With her gripping topics that haunt Germans, the entertaining, informative and exciting program television cannot be imagined without it.



 red! - Stars, Lifestyle & More


Since 2011 spin-TV produces features for the tabloid magazine "red". We go behind the scenes of the stars and support them worldwide in their lifestyle - there is no VIP Us too far away for us!



Wohnen nach Wunsch – “Ein Duo für vier Wände“



496 programs of 25 min each

Broadcast for VOX – access Prime Time

The two hosts Enie van de Meiklokjes and Mark Kuehler turn whole series of apartments upside­down. The trained decorator and the mason and the former building contractor know what they have to do when the time for making the oak­wood wall unit or the “trendy” bed­sitter has run out and, the basement junk is to be made into a party room or the worn­out patchwork into a professional kitchen. In only one day Enie, Mark and the craftspeople manage the whole rearrangement with the aid of husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or flat­share. The “victim” is distracted from his Family or Friends until Enie and Mark have finished the alteration. What is important in ‘Duo für vier Wände’ is that their suggestions for converting their homes are not too expensive and every viewer should be able to make use of the tips and ideas without a problem.



Wohnen nach Wunsch- ­Das Haus



122 programs of 100 min each

Broadcast for VOX


Wohnen nach Wunsch- Das today the best entertainment program with a service character on Sundays. The program directly addresses the viewer and follows his day ­to­ day life. In addition to this, the surprising elements are a good amount of emotionality and a lot of funny situations. The viewers follow through the renovation and are held feverishly captive until the moment of decision. The storyline of Wohnen nach Wunsch provides true ­to ­life Tips and Tricks beyond concrete mixers and crowbars.



Wohnen nach Wunsch- ­Das Duell


1 program of 90 min each, net duration

Broadcast for VOX


Two families have fulfilled the dream of owning a new house. The duplex is finally there, but inside it is still drab and empty. Normally, the interior finishing would take several weeks or even months. But not in Wohnen nach Wunsch ­das Duell! Both the families have – believe it or not – just three days and two nights to complete the entire arrangement and furnishing of their homes. So as to make the impossible “somewhat” easier, each family is supported by an architect and a team of five craftsmen. The competition becomes grim and gets on everyone’s nerves, because the new house owners fight not only against the time that is fast running out but also with each other. The reason: the family that is capable of conjuring up a home better than the other one within only three days’ of hard work and a limited budget will win a new car to celebrate their new house. Which family is going to be the winner of this duel is decided by the new neighbours acting as the jury to judge the houses.




6 Programs of 48 min each

Broadcast for Pro7

Together with Germany’s tennis star Boris Becker spin tv produce a new personality coverage of “Boris Becker meets…!” In this reports Boris Becker visits and portrays german and international personalities.

The triple Wimbledon winner meets in his new show international stars from shows, music, sport or politics and accompanies them through one day of their life. Boris is nearby and always in front of the camera whether at work or jogging, eating or event, action or weekday. Boris Becker meets… is very informative, exciting and entertaining!!!

In addition to fight world champion Wladimir Klitschko, tennis legend John McEnroe and Soul ­Queen Alicia Keys, Boris Becker has a lot of other well­ known personalities on his guest list like for example Verona Poth, Mika Häkkinen and Tim Mälzer.



MegaMechaniker – Germany’s toughest mechanics


6 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Broadcast for DMAX


They are the true masters of their handicraft – pros who are up to all the dodges and made the calling their profession: The Megamechaniker. Whether under extreme conditions on house facades, 50 meter below water or under high­pressure on a drilling rig, they swing their hammers and spanners as if they were toys.


The 6­part documentary series follow the crews on­site comprising the taskforce, the emergency troupes, the mechanics and technicians. They document how the men assist each other, deal with machines and their responsibilities. To sum up: the balancing act between tension and relaxation, when weather conditions thwart emergency operations and millions of Euros are at stake. Are they all team mates or is it someone fighting to complete his job as a loner? How does the team accomplish the job?


The success story of Mega Mechaniker is expected to continue with the production in the format “Mega Baustellen”.






8 programs of 48 min each net duration

Broadcast for DMAX


Whether it is going deep down into the earth, on the way into heavenly spheres or on high seas – steel giants face the challenge that demands courage and nerves of steel. Breath­taking trucks, cranes, helicopters, aircraft and ships. We follow the protagonists as they take on the "Megaführerschein".



Großstadt Cowboys



6 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Broadcast for DMAX

Five men from Germany have a dream: they want to become cowboys and hear the call of the wild, breath in and feel the camp­fire romance; all that means riding on a horse to drive the cattle through the prairies of USA. To achieve this, they must trudge through a tough cowboy school on the Grapevine Canyon Ranch in Arizona. Their major task after less than two weeks of riding, shooting, lasso practice and bull training is to lead a 250 strong bull herd for three days through rough terrain to new grassy territories. They all want to escape from the urban drabness and, not only feel like real men, but be real men.


The 6­ part entertainment documentary shows how the city guys stand up to their tasks or become desperate. But at the end there only one question: Do vegetable sellers, undertakers, sports science graduates, entrepreneurs and chemical engineers have the mettle to survive the great Cattle Drive without losing anything?



Mission Traumhaus





3 programs of 44 min each, net duration

Broadcast for RTL II – Prime Time

Who doesn’t dream of one’s own four walls? But only a few can afford a house. In most cases it will be the small but decent apartment.


Here it is not that one potters around somewhere on the god­forsaken outskirts of a city, but we build where life is pulsating: in the centre of Berlin. Eight teams comprising people like you and I refurbish from the scratch a multiple family house built in 1875. Really, right from the point, where Germany loves to drill, hammer and fix things. One goes to the construction market and in the evening over to the pub around the corner. The neighbours grumble and, now and then, the police come to have a look, just as in real life. We don’t want an isolated handymen’s camp, but want to see the realities as closely as possible.



Hammer Soap / Best of


38 programs of 44 min each net duration

Broadcast for RTL II – Prime Time


30 million Germans have become their own handymen. They saw, hammer, wallpaper, drill, grind and dowel wherever and whenever they can. Where untrained hands work, absolute chaos is often pre­programmed. “Die Hammer – Doku” shows the narrow split between vision and madness; it is here where desperation flares up and helping hands break more things than professionals can ever repair them. When Germans are drawn to the do ­it­ yourself frontline, no eye can be dry and no blunder uncommitted. The Hammer ­Doku is sorrowful and feverish, it sweats and curses with its dowel losers and –masters.



Auf Dübel komm raus


23 programs of 44 min each net duration

Broadcast for Kabel 1


The handymen are coming – and they cannot be stopped. They storm Germany’s construction markets, plunder tool shelves and stuff tiles, laminates or paint buckets into their vans. The outcome: no construction site is safe from them, because their unrelenting enthusiasm alone makes up for their lack of technical know­how and ability. The tool in the one hand, the instructions manual in the “left” hand and motivated till the tip of the hair which characterise the species of a “handyman”. His construction team consists of brother, sister, mother, friend and, theoretically, everyone knows how to do it the best way. Of course, there are times when the marriage or friendship is put to a breaking test of a special kind. Because when the plaster starts breaking from the wall, the drilling machines get red hot and the wallpaper peals off the ceiling, then the blood­pressure goes into unexpected levels. The handymen are coming, and they drill, grind, hammer in “Dübel komm raus”. Every now and then they cross the barrier between sense and nonsense.



Wir ziehen um! ­Tutti und Rita packen's an!


19 programs 60 min each


Broadcast for RTL II – access Prime Time

Everyone, who once changed his abode, knows it: the apartment’s door opens up just a little bit more, because the whole furniture is waiting in the corridor for the transportation. And heavy cardboard boxes appear to be nailed to the ground. House shifting is every time a tough test for the nerves. But now put an end to all that stress and despair. Tutti and Rita come and give you a helping hand.



Unser Bauernhof - ­Hilfe, die Großstädter kommen


14 programs of 44 min each, net duration

Broadcast for Kabel 1 – Prime Time

Season I: This documentary soap shows what would happen if pampered families of a metropolis leave their lives in the city and, instead, have to manage their daily routine in a farm house for one week.


Season II: Two Teams of 6 People have to fight for the Title “The Super Farmer”. Every week they have to vote and eliminated someone out of the Team. At least the winner is vote by the viewers.



The Treasure Hunters


4 programs of 44 – 48 min each

Broadcast for Kabel 1– Prime Time

Two treasure hunter teams consisting of two experts in each team, specialized in junk, antiques, art and curios comb through German households, and find all that is valuable; they take it all to markets and to specialist dealers and auctions to make money; finally, with the earnings they let the original owner’s dream come true.



Das Afrika Abenteuer


6 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Broadcast for Kabel 1– Prime Time

Two families have a great dream, namely Africa. They experience life on the periphery of civilisation with man and animal. Two families on a roller­coaster between fascination and bitter realities and discover in it a bit of Africa as no global tourist has ever seen or will see at any time.


The longstanding and successful partnership with the HARNAS Farm in South Africa/Windhuk enabled spin tv to throw light on many African and wildlife themes. Over the years spin tv has established a production structure that would guarantee instant production launching at any time. At present, spin tv is compiling a collection of a moving animal library.


Helden der Kreisklasse – Series 1 and 2


32 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Broadcast for Kabel 1– Late night & Prime Time


Helden der Kreisklasse ­Series 3

13 programs of 36 min each, net duration + two live games 2 x120 min each

Our heroes are the players of the SSV Hacheney Dortmund league members hopelessly kicking at the end of the table. Taking help from a well­known former pro we want to protect the lads from south of Dortmund from going down and, do something more. The pro is an old resident of Dortmund who fits into the kitty and speaks the language of the people there – a former international player of calibre: Manni Burgsmüller. We tell you the story of the German football scene how it all happens day in and out in thousands of small clubs and teams – based on the fate of many a player and with some staged sequences.

Those from Hacheney have loads of problems: the club house needs to be extended; moreover, there are burglaries at regular intervals. The floodlights are not worth talking about – just about in one area of the sordid cinder field one can see something and, that is only enough for passing shot training. There are hardly any sponsors, because there is no money in the cashbox to get good players. The kickers can only dream of owning a bus for the team.

Our short­term team manager is not the only prominent member who stops by when passing: Ruediger Abramczyk and Uli Stein have promised to come. Feelers have been sent to Olaf Thon, Heiko Herrlich, Frank Busemann, the ex­decathlete and the miracle healer of Bundesliga Hermann Rieger and Dieter Trzolek. All for special training and very special supporting measures.

The aim of the program is to prevent the presently unavoidable downgrading of the eighth division football league into C class and to prop­up a better placed club for the seasons. We are sure of one thing: the SSV Hacheney will make it, because all the lads have a positive attitude and show their pleasure in football.



Endlich Schuldenfrei


4 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Broadcast for RTL II

Endlich Schulden frei (at last no debts) is a program that will interest every one. Because debts are a subject that nearly every family is worried about; no less than 2.8 million households in Germany are heavily indebted – how this fate awaits many more is all written in the stars. We will show the way out of this crisis, focus on the related social problems, discuss with banking experts and creditors, analyse the situation and examine if the families will be able to reach the other side of the river of debts.

Our helpers and advisors can only be motivating and supportive, but those encumbered with debts must initiate and implement the real changes themselves. It will be a bitter struggle against personal habits and consumerism that they may have fallen prey to; at the same time, there is a chance to make a new start and, the heap of debts notwithstanding, lead a meaningful life. We will help, sympathise and, hopefully, finally share a happy ending with those affected.

Each program shows two families on their way out of the crisis and, possibly in later episodes, we will show also how they are in their new situation.


The grey panthers



Status: in development


All wish to reminisce about the legends of the Bundesliga. They challenge the amateurs deep down the unknown football vaults of Germany. For a direct duel: the old against the young, the hardened against the dashing, and the clever ones against the powerful. Who will get through: the ex­pros or the hobby kickers? A team comprising some 18 ex­kickers forms team of legendaries that reports officially at the matches in Germany’s football clubs (eighth division football league C). Somewhere in the district, no matter whether it is Dortmund, Essen, Bochum or Gelsenkirchen. People play there football with a heart. The ex­pros are well­ tried competitors and are still performance ­oriented. After all, at the end there in only one thing: the promotion to league B.

This format can and should be applicable and transferable to all European leagues, whether it is England, Spain, Italy or France, everywhere there are old­timers who are still passionate about everything that is football.



Dick durch Deutschland!


43 serials of 8 min net each

Broadcast for Pro7/SAM

He is just 1.90m but weighs more than 140 kg. Michael E. is 28 years old and has only one aim – he wants to have a slim figure again somehow. About 5 years back he weighed nearly 60 kg less. But even the best ­planned dieting could not help him. Now, he wishes to actively do something about his bulges. Michael E. Wants to run. Run as far as his feet can bear it. To put it exactly: from Cologne to Berlin and back; every day and in any weather. For each day he will only have 15 Euros. He must live from this money. It is a challenge that he wants to take on. The just about 1000 km he plans to complete in three months – of course, by running alone. Within this time span, he hopes lose more than 20 kilos. But first, his personal physician examined him thoroughly and he will follow him on his wanderlust. We document this unique self­experiment.

Michael Enkel will be followed by a motor caravan throughout the period of his sojourn. The caravan can be seen often in these scenes, because Mr Enkel is allowed to sleep in this caravan as a reward. He wakes up and there and falls asleep there. The same caravan can also be used as resting place whenever Michael cannot run farther. We, too, need complete roving equipment. These things are permanently in view as we accompany Mr. Enkel.



Royal Dinner


30 programs of 50 min each

Licensed broadcast for tv.gusto

Glance at the gold edged plate and be a guest in Europe’s royal houses: Birte Karalus and Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern make it possible. In tv.gusto studio outstanding cooks present excerpts from the menus which were served at special occasions. The celebrations range from the wedding ceremony of the Swedish royal couple to the meal for Prince Charles at the Salzburg festivals. Besides the culinary aspects there are also commentaries on the dress code and etiquette at the Royal Dinner. As a member of the European aristocracy, Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern is invited to every important festivity. In "Royal Dinner" he has many an anecdote to tell the viewers.



Dipp Visite


 In „Dipp-Visite“ spin tv portraits original restaurants throughout Germany and looks behind the curtain. We portray the makers, the guests, the staff and the sommiliers. We find out the secrets of their success and show the culinary highlights of each restaurant.

23 programs of 30 min each


Broadcast for tv.gusto


cooking show






39 programs of 50 min each

Licensed broadcast for tv.gusto

cooking show

In “Guglhupf” we offer a nostalgic look back to the kitchen of the last century. Christel Lützenkirchen and Gerda Aurich have tons of tips in the field of classic recipes. They also illuminate old, forgotten vegetables and herbs. Their specialty: delicious leftovers. Bon apetit!




die Herausforderer


83 programs of 50 min each

Licensed broadcast for tv.gusto



Do you regularly cook together with your friends, colleagues or other family members? Do you master the preparation of a dish in a team like a pro? Do you claim that no one can cook as fast as you do? Then you and your associates are the ideal candidates for the show on the eve of "Kochstars die Herausforderer". In every episode, a team of amateur cooks will appear with their favourite recipe against a professional chef. He will not know what to expect as a cooking task and must quickly adjust himself to the dish he is asked to make. At the end a jury will decide whether the pro or the amateurs have accomplished preparing the tastiest dish.



Echt Lecker


465 programs of 28 min / 58 min duration 30

Licensed broadcast for tv gusto and RTL 2

The German cuisine is not really German, but Swabian, Franconian, and Muenster country­style, Rhenish or it has characteristics of another region. Their cooking representatives are primarily down­ to­ earth people. They use as ingredients whatever is available from the fields and pastures of their native regions and use them to render a wonderful variety to the cuisine. In every program, Ralf Kühler invites a guest chef and they both prepare a typical country­style menu.





15 programs of 48 min each, net duration

Licensed broadcast for tv gusto

They are there on many occasions – those mouth­watering moments. You see them in cinema. Do you remember "Chocolate"? The scene where Juliette Binoche makes a hot cup of chocolate and kindles your taste buds? Even reading a novel can be appetizing and, naturally, paging through a beautifully printed cookbook.



So schmeckt die Welt!


"So schmeckt die Welt" invites the viewer on a culinary journey through five continents. In each episode, Volker G Schmitz hosts a cook, who represents his country in a special way.


So schmeckt die Welt- on tour!


For tv.gusto we always invitetd cooks from different regions to the studio. Now we leave the studio and feel the small oases of pleasure to be where they are. Among us. Ingo Scholing presents the culinary tour through Germany and discoveres "So schmeckt die Welt - on tour" new pearls of restaurants and gets to know completely new cultures, food and interesting family stories.





79 programs of 58 min each

Licensed broadcast for tv gusto


In Germany’s first baking program tv.gusto will show step ­by ­step the preparation of cakes and pastries; delight you with baking and disclose lots of tips & tricks. Together with baking pros moderator Ralf Kühler will present in every episode three recipes – from sweet to hearty. Lots of tips about the right choice of drinks to go with the pastries, and creative table decoration supplement the program. Viewers’ questions will be answered by Dr. Oetker experimental kitchen personnel.



Deutschland kocht


 14 programs of 58 min each, net duration

Licensed broadcast for tv.gusto

Who are Germanys best hobby cooks? In a grand final show in the studio, the best of eight teams of cooks chosen out of several hundreds of applicants compete with each other. Kai Böcking moderates the exciting programs showing all about cooking.

Kai Böcking is technically supported by the congenial TV chef Mario Kotaska. He will comment on the cooking process and, perhaps, he has a tip or two for the viewers in store.

Besides many a material prize the successful group may even win its own TV Show. But before that they must convince a 3­member jury comprising Ralf Kühler, tv.gusto moderator, Claudia Schroeter, well­known TV chef and Dr. Christoph Schneider, the manager of Burda with its three­ course menu. The three members are incorruptible and they are determined to be merciless in their assessment.


Echt tierisch


160 programs of 25 min each net duration

Licensed broadcast for tv nrw

Our moderator Petra Hausberg, together with breeders, veterinary surgeons and other experts, answers questions on rearing, caring and keeping of most popular pets – entertainingly and competently. But also people like you and I will have a chance to tell others about our memorable experiences with pets.


Endlich Wochenende


84 programs of 25 min each, net duration

Licensed broadcast: tv nrw

Endlich Wochenende is a travel commentary program focusing on the state of North Rhine Westphalia and neighbouring countries. It takes the inhabitants from their daily routines to a short getaway. “Endlich Wochenende” gives the viewer not only a brief glimpse into his neighbouring cities, but takes him along on a discovery tour that shows the city from a completely different perspective – namely as a place for vacation as well.



N24 Transportwelt ­


 Various contributions

Licensed broadcasting: N24

Utility vehicle magazine for the news channel N24

produced by Kamiono TV


Amusing technology and economic facts from one of the most top-selling branches of Germany. At 25 net minutes the spectator finds out interesting facts over special vehicles, transporters, truck, penalty and the economic sphere. Informative, expressive, but also emotional, exciting contributions give insight into the varied world of the utility vehicles and logistics.


The sister company of spin tv is specialized in vehicle formats and produces also european biggest trucksports events such as Truck Race and Truck Trial for the worldmarket. In 2009 Kamiono TV trucksport formats were sold in over 80 countries worldwide.



Bis der Laden läuft



There are hairdresser salons like ten a penny. But sadly, what is dominating about them are combs, scissors and hair driers instead of class. Only those salons can make it which are convincing with their overall presentation. The shop must be appealing, show top­ quality, be special and, naturally, they must be perfect masters their handwork, if they wish to attract and convince their customers.


Nevertheless many independent hairdressers lack the necessary know­how. Now they can get some help: a professional and successful hairstylist acts as a coach and supports his overworked fellowmen. He gives plenty of tips for the trade, shows a cost analysis, and restyles the entire salon, if necessary.


Teenie Richter



Status: in development

Based on the positive experience of real school boards of arbitration, we established mobile teams of student judges in the cities of Cologne, Munich and Berlin who act as arbitrators in connection with youth work in various youth clubs. The teams consist of three pupils supported by a social pedagogue. As our student team deals with the juristic emergency situation in the course of a pedagogic measure which takes the human factor as much as possible into account, the young person is given the unique chance to find a different way than that of a criminal. The team’s work begins with an initial discussion with the person who has approached the student court. The case is discussed and the background is analysed. Finally, they discuss with the young person concerned to ascertain his/her willingness to accept the verdict.


S.O.S. Schule


Doku Soap – Daily for 60 min

Status: in development

In the land of poets and thinkers, currently something is radically wrong. 14 year olds give up their hopes. For them, school is completely disenchanting. School is a secondary aspect, deteriorating rather into a cumbersome daily routine. Doing homework? Learning for the next class work? Active participation in the class? Nothing of the sort. Why do Germany’s school children play truant so frequently?


"S.O.S. Schule" tries to reach out to children who are on the verge of leaving the school once for all and thus risk their future.






Docu Soap – Daily for 30 min

Status: in development


A situation that makes everyone to ponder: There is hardly a student who can manage school studies without extra shifts of learning during his leisure. And yet a large number that causes one to frown: Every fourth student in Germany receives paid private coaching. That is what a recent study by the Federal Ministry of Education found out.


Meanwhile, a lucrative billion Euro industry has sprung up in this field. Private coaching schools compete with each other and are making clueless parents of many a student insecure with their innovative, allegedly better and more effective concepts of learning. One can easily lose sight of the whole situation. On the other hand, our 3­level school system would as such collapse without the hosts of coaching teachers and coaching shops, because we get to hear often: “promotion is risky”.


The basic problem is, however, that the true reason for absence of success in the school for a child continues to be quite often ignored – fighting with parents, disappointment in love, excessive shyness, undiagnosed illnesses, low self­esteem, mean fellow students – the causes of failure in school performance are manifold. A coaching teacher must be able to do more than just the bionomic formulas or Latin grammar. He is a therapist, teacher, a substitute for parents and often a social worker bundled into one. If a student flops in the school, the “tuition coach” goes to the bottom of the problem. He investigates, for example, why 15 year old Melanie is failing of all the things in physics and German so badly. The reason is not her lack of intelligence but fear.


This student of the integrated school does not feel confident enough in these subjects, because, as far as these two basic course subjects are concerned, a 5 member girls’ gang does enough damage with their brash comments and threatening gestures to see that the supposed achievers in the class are not better than they are. For Martina this is as bad as it can be, since she needs at least a grade 3 in both the subjects so that she can manage to get into the secondary school senior class. Melanie has not yet talked to her parents about her problem, because mainly her father simply says: “You must be more assertive. That is life and it will always be like that.” The result: Melanie continues to go down in the school and the frustration grows from day to day. A classic case for our “Nachhilfecoach”!



Das perfekte Zimmer



5 programs of 46 min each

Broadcast for Pro7

Docu Soap


“Das perfekte Zimmer” provides a glimpse into the world of amateur craftsmen and voyeurs. Some of our protagonists renovate, the other commentate on them. A fun race in the disciplines of painting, drilling and backbiting. At the same time a cheerful view trip in different apartments. Here academics take on workers, feminists and proles on snobs.


A group of five protagonists meets to rotate together to renovate the room each of the other. Construction manager is always the individual resident. He shall give the ideas for the transformation of his room. Each participant will award points at the end of the day so that we will have a champion who wins 10.000€ at the end of each week. Every day is a new challenge. Again and again it apparently begins anew. A living room, kitchen, bedroom or nursery.





Status: in development

"My home is my castle" - and this is especially true for my kitchen! Away cook in an unfamiliar kitchen, not knowing where salt, pepper, onion and parsley are - the sheer horror for every amateur cook! But with 'kitchen duel' is just asking this: away game on foreign stove! The student flat against the couple from across the sprightly pensioner couples against the teacher couple from the 4th upper floor - there are always neighbours, who compete against each other. And no one is cooking on his own stove, the kitchen will be swapped. A professional chef, who is also chief judge has his  rifle at the ready, attacks but only if it is absolutely necessary and gives improvisation tips when no salt in the foreign cuisine is available. At the end the 3-member jury, consisting of two other neighbour and our professional chef, occupies the dining table. Then they deliver their verdict on the meal served and declare a winning team. As profit is a 3-day gourmet tour  in a dream hotel including cooking class with a chef. The 'kitchen duel' - the ultimate challenge in the kitchen and a "hot" Blind Date with your neighbors!



Run for you ranch


Your own ranch in America? This sounds after freedom, the wild waistcoats, adventure – concepts which make every man's heart beating.


Which man doesn't dream about being once a hard cowboy?


A men who rides through the plains with a cattle herd. And at the end of the day,he just sit near the warm campfire?


With "Run for your Ranch" this dream could become true for one of them: In our 8-part document Soap, which was inspired by film hits like "City Slickers", five men get the chance to fight for their own farm in the country of the boundless possibilities.


5 pairs have to prove for the duration of 8 weeks("normal people", drop-out, adventurer etc.) that they have enough bite and know-how to exist in the hard cowboy's everyday life and to lead a ranch independently.


The winner will be decided by a jury which values the achievement of the teams at the end of every result. The jury insists of a successful ranch owner and an experienced preman (responsible for personnel guidance, he trains the cowboys, organizes the jobs on the ranch) and various guest jurors (rodeo rider, cowboy, veterinarian, smith etc.).


At the end the winner takes it all: the ranch, the cattle and the dream of a cowboy life.


And one says: 'Run for your Ranch'!




Status: in development


What do if a real estate isn't sellable? What do if no next tenant is found? What do, if a store/bar is empty for months??


The answer is clear: You need a 'Home Stager'!


They are experts of bringing the "dead stock real estates" to the man or the woman. They make real lifestyle paradises. Always it is a matter of presenting the flats, houses, retail shops etc. thus to "stagen" that they meet the taste possibly of potential buyer.


We have a look into foreign flats, service tips, after-miracle and the exciting question in the end, whether the 'Homestager' can transform these awful objects in real "dream booths" ! Who lives, will switch on!



Die Preisprofis



Broadcast for Kabel 1

A new car, a house, a kitchen - What shall I buy? For which of the 1000 of products should I determine? Where can I get the best support? And where can I get the most and the best for my money? How nice would it be, if we had in such situations a helpful hand – like "genie in a bottle"? The brothers Mark & Ralf Kühler are our “Price- Professionals” and the helping hands!


And they know what they talking about: Mark learned the building business from his parents and was managing director of the family building company. Ralf repaired and sold cars for Audi.


4 kämpfen für Dich!


Scripted Doku Soap

6 programs of 48 min each

Broadcast for Pro7

Whether stress with parents, school violence or despair because of first love - in the Cologne Youth Club “Bam” the four street workers help youth and young adults with their daily problems. For example the difficult way to the police or to the court is not easy to manage by their own. In these situations the four street workers stand always by their side and give them the support they need.


The plot is scripted by very close to the daily experiences.


„Einfach genießen – unterwegs in der Welt des Michael Käfer“



1 program of 50 min net

1 program á 50 Min

Broadcast for tv.gusto

6 programs a 15 Min

Broadcast for Pro7

6 programs a 48 Min

Broadcast for sixx




Broadcast for tv.gusto

Munich, Prinzregentenstr. 73rd the home base of fine food “Käfer”. There are countless delicacies on the shelves; here are fine wines and exquisite hanging hams. Through this maze of goodies the boss Michael Käfer leads us in person.


He shows us the full range of products specifically picks out the best and noblest of his culinary jewels treasury and immerses us into his world of pleasure. We get to know him as a conductor of a perfectly trained orchestra. His musicians are the food scouts. A total of seven food scouts employed by Michael Käfer themselves. Everyone is full-fledged professionals. We accompany the expert Heribert Bachmann at the largest fresh market in the world in Rungis. In the belly of Europe, Michael Käfer shows us what it means to search every day the best fine food for “Käfer”.





Game show

Status: in development



Whether in the supermarket, elevator, swimming pool or laundrette - melodies accompany us wherever we go. Music is everywhere and an emotional companion in every situation - a great party without the biggest hits and exhilarating karaoke? Impossible to imagine! A romantic evening without the most beautiful heartfelt songs of the 80s? Unthinkable! A champions celebration, no matter whether its world or district championship, without singing the legendary "We are the Champions" by Queen? Impossible!

Not least does the super successful Playstation game "SingStar" (or Microsofts's pendant "Lips") underline this trend! Millions of people - whole family clans, party people, absolute SingStar fans etc. spend nights to sing or even perform their favorite song as well as possible and to fall into bed extremely late as the winner.

In the hallway the postman sings his personal catchy tune. The hairdresser sings Robbie William's hit of last summer. In the street somebody is whistling a melody and we can't get it out of hour heads: "What's that song again? What band was that?" A real ear worm accompanies us until we figured it out.

The success guarantee of this street quiz is based on a very easy concept or motto: The audience can support the player but also test his own knowledge: Can I figure out the song? Maybe even faster than the player? Keep it simple! TUNES! is the perfect addition to the super successful karaoke parties held at home or publicly. Speed, a good ear for tones and choruses and cleverness are important: In different rounds their music knowledge has to be proven and titles to be guessed. It will be a diverse mix of favorites of 70s, 80s and 90s songs as well as the latest pieces. Quick to produce, easy USP and an extremely broad target group while very entertaining. Half an hour that you will be looking forward to every day and that you will switch on every day.... tunes…




Status: in development

Quick as a flash the left flies forwards. Hits. It cracks. A noise as if bones broke. Blood streams from the nose. Sweat runs. The crowd roars.


We are in "Night of the Raging Bulls" (NOTRB) - the legendary box-event in the heart of cologne.


More and more people pick up the new trend. They are all fascinated from boxing. They announce themselves in fitness clubs, buy gloves and box bags for themselves and start to train. Boxing is male and sexy. Boxing is for real guys (and strong women) they want to feel themselves.


Everybody is allowed to go into the ring: Women, men, laymen, professionals, old people, young boys … People like you and me. Everybody wants to be a hero and can be a part of it!


But "Nights of the Raging Bulls" are more than just a box show: The event row makes boxing the cult - shows real sport and combines him with a magnificent persiflage on itself!


How does this go? The fight, the blood, the pain, the sweat – everything is real. The rest is a perfect show: We have half silk box promoters, the cult-box club „short rib“, the dangerous underworld, sexy girls, erotic meetings in the changing room and a lot of dramas. All this happen beside the box ring. All this are the ingredients of the new -Docu-Comedy-Soap Jabhook.


in development






We all love new furniture, right? New couches, new wall units, new beds, new kitchens. Out with the old stuff and room for new things! Ikea calls it Knut. We call it KNÜT. And it is a little...more brute. There will be gambling for the new furniture. And the stake being... the old furniture. It's great when you win. You exchange the old out of shape couch for a beautiful brand new one. It's easy to part that way, right? Not as great is if you lose. The nice guy that asked the quiz question came with three super strong furniture removers that will turn the old couch into a pile of wood shavings immediately... and that way make sure you have much more room for movement games in the living room in the future.


Furniture gambling. Only who risks old things, can win new things. Our host rings random doorbells and gives them the chance for new furniture. Who will take a chance? What about those people? Are they ready to risk it? We always start out with small pieces ...and they get bigger round by round. Up to the living room wall unit or the great fitted kitchen (given the candidate won't call it quits beforehand). Who can be excited about new furniture? Who is going to cry when their old furniture becomes furnishing history right in front of their eyes. Is somebody able to get his place completely furnished again? Or is somebody going to be left with just a picture frame in the guest bathroom? Place full.... or place empty...? How for does one go? How far would you go? THE quiz show for everyone that owns furniture. Game show on location. In German living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, kids rooms, hobby rooms, gazebos and party-cellars.


Getting new furniture has never been that easy! Old stuff needs to go for new stuff to come in. For us, all year is "Knüt".



Der Rechtsmediziner





In TV formats that put a focus on criminalistic work, the forensic scientist has always just taken the role of the expert statement giver. They describe their part in solving homocide and that is all. We are taking a different route. We exclusively have Europe's best known forensic scientist Michael Tsokos. Michael Tsokos takes us with him to the original locations, reenacting his most spectacular and mysterious cases. In a never before seen look we experience the criminalistic solving of murders, that without Michael Tsokos would have never been solved. Excitement is guaranteed until the last second. CSI meets reality ...and reality is much more spectacular than CSI has ever been.


Away with the dirt!





When parents visit the recently moved out kid's apartment for the first time, they usually find chaos. Not the normal chaos of not yet unpacked boxes. That would be okay. We are talking about the chaos of dust, dirt and pizza cartons, full ashtrays, yoghurt cups full of microorganisms that are starting to become living creatures, leftover food in the living room and much more. Our "first time messies" are lured out of their apartment and now have to watch how their parents, family, cousins - the whole family inspect their apartment for the first time, unable to do anything. It won't get much more embarrassing. Cameras have previously been installed and proband can watch the shock and cleaning from a monitor in a cleaning cart outside of his house. Our cleaning expert will be watching with him and explain to him what is going on inside, how to live germ-free, how to clean best und how to organize his household and his life. In the end there will be the worst though. Naturally the parents won't be cleaning everything but will leave enough to their messy kid so he/her can fulfill the cleaning under supervision. In front of his parents. In front of our experts. Will this maximum punishment heal the kid? Our team of experts is coming back to check!



Swap yourself beautiful





Have you ever heard of swapping? As so many things, this trend too has been freshly importat from America to Germany. In short, swapping is exchanging clothes free of charge. The principle is easy: swap an unloved piece of clothing that has been in the closet taking up space for no reason with another much nicer piece. Of course swapping parties can be organized as a huge deal or be specialized for designer clothing only. In Hollywood and London swapping party are alreay the mega trend - whole crowds of women take the halls, even some celebrities have been seen.

Let's be honest, almost every woman has at least one fashionable bad buy that she would like to get rid of but that is much too precious to just throw away. So if until now, you have not known what to do with those pants that - let's face it - has always been a little too small but just looked sooooo wonderful, then a swapping party is the perfect solution. And such a swapping party is not the most fun in a large trade hall but at a fun girls night!

For this scenario we bring together a small group of swap willing women (or men - while that being much more rare) for a swapping party at home. Everyone brings a certain amount of clothing or accessories that she would like to get rid of. Naturally shelf warmers or extremely used pieces have to stay at home for fairness reasons. All pieces are put in the middle of the room and there begins the fun search for bargains. And since swapping is basically about women and fashing (most importantly in limited quantities), small "situations" such as bitching and tugging more the rule than the exception... And if you turn this into a TV show - with much more strict rules...? Then you have everything to make the fahsion and drama prone women's heart skip a beat!

Fashion, suggestions, bitching, tugging, winnings, losings, intrigues, deception and most importantly - amazing entertainment.

Swap yourself beautiful!! Who swaps first serves first…




Need a room? We offer help!




Agencies that match up people with special knowledge and talents looking for housing with property owners spring up like mushrooms. Who shares the shower, fridge and couch with other people can save a whole lot of money and have a lot of fun. But the search for the perfect roommate can often be tricky since at the housing market the most different characteristics meet. In our docusoap we accompany the most different cases on their way to the right flat sharing community.








Ever since Heino dropped his Rock-Cover-album, there has been no doubt - blending Rock and Schlager is actually possible AND incredibly successful. In the USA shows, events and documentations where American Schlager, country music, is merged with styles such as rock, soul, R&B and even HipHop are produced on a regular basis. Recently this has been very successful again at the "Academy of Country - Superstar Duets" at CBS. But even at every music award event that is important, there will be a blending of different music style and is the highlight of the show on a regular basis. So what is more natural to use that concept with the two most popular but also different music styles in Germany? What could move more people and interest them? The most popular music styles meet AND the biggest German music stars. As duets. And that in combinations that are already incredibly exciting and surprising before you have heard the first note. Two huge fan bases melt into one. Because everyone wants to know what the come out of these duets is. Opposites meet, to find a way to something completely new together. THAT is music history and we are there for every step, from the emergence of the song until the final performance.  When Udo Lindenberg and Helene Fischer sing "Hinterm Horizont geht's weiter" AND additionally "Atemlos" together. When Marius Müller Westernhagen and Andrea Berg reinvent "Sexy" and "Du hast mich 1000mal betrogen. When Beatrice Egli and Peter Maffay perform "Mein Herz" and Steppenwolf. When Hansi Hinterseer and Klaus Meine give "Amore Mio" and "Here I am" a spin, that nobody would have ever expected. Or when Florian Silbereisen and Stefanie Kloß of Silbermond bust out "Nimm mi mit zu die Stern" and "Das Beste". Bill Kaulitz and Stefanie Hertel play "Schrei" and "Über jedes Bacherl geht a Brückerls". Schlager meets Rock. Stars up close and personal. With a tasks that asks everything from them. With a musical challenge that will push  people to the limit. At the encounter of the giants.... music history on TV. At "DUETS"!




Die Superstar Olympiade





Ten tough couples in top form made out of olympic stars and celebrities fight against each other to win the "Superstar Olympics". Or at least win a medal. Five male olympians form a couple with one female celebrity, five female olympians form a couple with one male celebrity. The disciplines are those, our olympians are / were active in. In 5 prime time shows we show the hard rocky road of our couples until in the end we hear: and the winner is...

Naturally there are also superstar winter olympics. That goes without saying. Ski slopes, figure scating and most importantly ski jumping the audience surely won't want to miss.






Goodbye Großstadt





Burn out - syndrom, facebook, Amazon, email, cellphone, Blackberry, text messages, ebay, online dating, laptop, club vacation all inclusive - have you chatted today yet? Welcome to the 21st century!


Always being available, being able to contact everyone at any time and react to everything immediately! Yes, that's what it's about! But stop! Less and less people want this! Not only the "old ones" but especially those, that are in the middle of their life, people that want out! Out to the countryside!



Einmal Hölle und zurück




They are drug dealers, burglars and beat up innocent people. They don't know consideration or rules. They are agressive and feel unbeatable: juvenile offenders that will not back off anything and distroy their and other peoples future. In 2014 23,868 adolescents have been registered in Germany that are suspected to have performed dangerous and aggravated assault. But this ends now. A man that made it his task to stop those young offenders and give them therapy - his way. And his method is the worst there is! We have the man that brings them to their knees, puts them through the worst hell, to build them back up afterwards. He doesn't only want to bring them back on the rails but also wants to give them a perspective, a future: this man is called Michael Nasebrand! And if Michael starts something, he doesn't finish half way! He puts the offenders in the hardest detention centers in Russia, the worst boot camps in America or South Corea, where parents have long given up on their kids. The goal: to resocialize those kids.




Die Promi - UR - Olympiade





Ten really tough, ambitious and super fit celebrities compete in real but sadly forgotten olympic disciplines. At the end of 10 shows we will elect the first celebrity olympic champion in the world. Our celebs have to pass olympic disciplines that we have never heard of in modern era but have been olympic disciplines in ancient times. Have you ever heard of Pelota, a setback play of Basque origin? Or Savate, the french form of martial arts? Standing long jump, stone pushing and many more...







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